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Meet The Family

Melissa Tripp

Owner and operator, Melissa is the manager and strategizer behind Trippy Acres. From processing chickens, collecting eggs, setting up pick up sites or delivering goods, Melissa is always on the go. The resident gardener and healer, her education and experience as an RN, coupled with her knowledge of, nutrition, plants, herbs, and essential oils keeps every person, animal and plant healthy on the farm.


Jonathan Tripp

Owner and Operator, Jon is the foundation of the farm. The man who completes the daily tasks and ventures out even on those bitter cold days to care for the animals. His background in the Military serves well when needing to complete those more difficult jobs. Jack of all trades and helper to all, his various life experiences come in handy with all of the projects around the farm.  


Mary Cavaliere

Our resident baker, flower garden grower and all around helper, Mary, aka Nani, is known as the fun and crazy grandma. She always has something baking in the kitchen and her door is always open. Her love for plants often saves the beautiful flowers that Melissa or Jon want to replace with food. So if your here for a visit and see the beautiful flowers and shrubs, be sure to thank her for saving them!

George Cavaliere

Our resident carpenter, mechanic and jack of all trades. George grew up on Long Island where his father, straight from Sicily, grew as much of his own food as possible. He also learned carpentry from his father and inherited much of his craft. Today he is an integral part the farm. He maintains the equipment and builds all the crazy designs that Melissa comes up with. From raised beds to outbuildings and playgrounds, he can bring any idea to life here on the farm.


The Tripp Kids

Peyton, Levi and George love being a part of the farm and helping with daily chores and tasks. Although they are not ALWAYS eager to do the dirty work, they are always willing to jump in on the fun exciting stuff. Collecting the eggs, watching the hatchings, and feeding the animals are part of their favorite chores. We are big believers that children should experience where their food comes from, so they are included in every and all farm experiences.