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Colored Eggs

Our Eggs

Because our hens are free to roam the land, we understand it comes with inherent risks. However, we feel the benefit of having happier and healthier animals outweighs that risk. Our eggs reflect our birds premium diet and lifestyle in taste and color.


Our eggs are unwashed and not refrigerated. Eggs naturally contain an invisible protective coating given by the hen when laid. This coating seals the egg shell pores protecting them from bacteria and moisture loss. This allows them to maintain their freshness so much longer! 

Eggs that are sold in a grocery store are required to be washed. in addition, by the time you get eggs from the grocery store they are already a few months old!! THATS why they need to be refrigerated! 


Our Chicken

 We only raise heritage breed chicken which is not your typical Cornish-cross breed (the type you find in the supermarket). These chickens have less health problems and a slower (and healthier) growth rate. Some people say they taste more meaty or have a deeper chicken flavor.

At Trippy Acres all of our animals are always pasture raised, organically fed and soy free!

Free Range Chicken

Our Rabbit

Our rabbits are raised in a colony setting where mama rabbit raises her young stress free and safe. Unlike most meat rabbit farms, we DO NOT keep our rabbits in cages. Instead they have an large open area where they can dig and tunnel in their own colony. They are free to raise their young and do a better job than any human can! 

If you have never had rabbit meat, we highly encourage you to give it a try! It is a lean and clean white meat with a very mild taste. Many people prefer it over chicken!


Our Turkey

In the same way our chickens roam free, so do our turkeys. We raise heritage breed and broad breasted turkeys. 

Heritage breed turkeys are a good in-between taste from wild turkey and your factory farm turkeys. They have a deeper and richer flavor without the toughness of a wild bird. 

Your traditional broad breasted turkey is the best option for you if you are looking for a larger bird to feed your extended family and still have leftovers!

These beauties are only offered during the holiday seasons and GO FAST. To reserve your holiday turkey, email us to add your name to our list. First come, first serve based on availability. 


Our Duck

Continuing with the animal quality life we expect on our farm, our ducks also have full access to all the property. In addition, ducks LOVE and NEED to swim. We have a natural river and a large pond where you can always find the ducks splashing about. 

Ducks eggs are known for their amazing baking qualities. With a larger yolk, they contain a higher percentage of healthy fats than chicken eggs. 

Duck meat is also available on a limited basis. Ducks are fatty animals and make for a wonderfully satisfying winter roast or add in to your stir fry.


Our Produce

"A gardener always plants in threes.

One for the bugs, one for the weather and one for herself."

Our fresh fruits and vegetables are grown organically. We start with High Mowing Seeds and Coast of Maine Soil in our indoor grow tent. Each plant is carefully tended and then transplanted in our large outdoor raised beds when it is ready. 

We only use organic growing practices. This means we never use synthetic fertilizers or pest control. We find a balance between the bugs and the plants that allows both to thrive. A garden without bugs, has no life. 

 Allowing our chickens to be our natural bug control and fertilizer and picking pests by hand only when they become overwhelming allows us to maintain this delicate balance. 

Fruits and vegetables are offered seasonally. Each year is different and weather has a great impact on our available produce.